lundi 15 février 2016

Cadiz, with a « C » like carnival.

It's after an ideal sail day that we arrive in Cadiz, coming from Barbate. What is an ideal sailing ? I skip sailing details like "tuned on clause-hauled for a grade 3 NNW wind...". Simply put, it is some wind blowing in the right direction, favorable currents, some sun, a quiet sea... We had all of that. The whole trip has been done under sails. And Liane has broken all its speed records, with a 6.7 knots height. For non sailors, this is fast for a travel sailboat. Pretty fast. It is with smiling faces that we arrived in Puerto America in Cadiz that evening of the 6 of february.
And there, surprise. The town is partying with music, costumes, party favors, it is all there, "It's carnival !". That we let you discover in pictures.
Here we are calling at Cadiz, for the duration of french winter school holidays.

A perfect day at sea. Off Cap Trafalgar. But for today, it is entente cordiale onboard Liane.

Thank you for your interest and till next time.

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